5 Things to Consider Before Buying Teak Furniture

Teak is a popular choice for outdoor furniture due to its lustrous color and durability. Its high oil and rubber content gives it natural weatherproofing properties, protecting against insects, rot and water damage. As ideal as it is, it’s still important to make an informed decision. Below are several things to consider before buying teak garden furniture.


The same qualities that make teak so popular also increase its price. Teak furniture is ideal for long-term use; if the buyer is constantly moving or redecorating, it may not be the best option.


The increased demand for teak has led to deforestation in Southeast Asia, ruining ecosystems and exploiting local people. However, today’s teak is often sourced here on plantations with sustainable harvesting practices. Looking for FSC-certified pieces is a good way to ensure an eco-friendly choice.

Weathering and Finishes

There are three teak finish options: natural, preweathered and sealed. When teak is exposed, it gradually turns a grayish silver color. If a buyer likes this look, all they have to do is wait. Preweathered teak is a good choice as well, particularly if the buyer wants to get all their accent pieces at one time. Sealing can slow the weathering process, but it’s important to ask the vendor how to maintain its protection.


Some teak furniture sellers recommend oiling the wood to maintain its hue. While this works, it may promote mildew and mold growth. When deciding to use oil, it’s important to consider the furniture’s placement. Covered pieces won’t fade as quickly, and some won’t fade at all, making oiling unnecessary in some cases.


Teak pieces should be cleaned yearly to remove stains, dust and dirt. Owners can do this with a bristle brush and a diluted cleaner. Vendors can make cleaning recommendations based on the wood finish the buyer chooses. While they’re uncommon, stains sometimes occur. In extreme cases, special teak cleansers and light sanding may be needed to remove the damage.

Teak furniture is prized for its classic looks and its durability, but it still needs occasional maintenance to continue looking its best. By considering these factors, a buyer can go into the purchase process with the information they need to make the right decision.