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How to Raise Your Self Esteem

One common problem the society faces today is low self-esteem. There are days when looking in the mirror isn’t just worth it. And there are also times when some random dude fat shames a picture you posted in social media. Bad days like these are normal occurrences in people’s life. Modern day, partnered with the existence of social media, has pressures that nobody can avoid. Yet, there are some people who continue living with low self-esteem ingrained in them. Instead of moving past the negative feedbacks from strangers, they tend to remain on the feeling of hurt over the things said. Later, every day will become a string of negative comments about everything they’re doing in their lives – from doing an activity to the people around them.

Self-hate is a dangerous thing to harbor. It ruins the precious relations you have with parents, siblings and friends, in addition to the limitation it sets on your competences in life. People have to realize that wearing confidence is one of the best things to have, so letting confidence sink in is important. People with confidence have job opportunities lining up for them. In terms of relationships, confident people can adjust well to their partners.

However, it’s a different version for people struggling with low self-esteem. They are likely to form bonds with an abusive person and stay in low income jobs. Indeed, low self-esteem pushes more problems. Their lives are not filled with colors and happiness.

The Causes for Low Self-Esteem

There are numerous reasons for people having low self-esteem. Abusive parents, traumatic accidents and experiences can lead to people having low self-esteem. Sometimes, instability with your relationships and in the workplace results to low self-esteem and often, self-blame. Working on strengthening self-esteem helps you combat doubts within yourself. Learning how to love yourself to the fullest will help in making changes in the life.

Giving your Self-Esteem a Boost

Changes in your life doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, it grows with effort and time. You should start by analyzing yourself to see where the problem is settling in. Is the concern about what other people are saying about you or are you sensitive to criticisms? Folks with low self-esteem are deemed to feel gratification from people around them. This is not good because the focus should be on the person’s wellness and health, and not on what other people are saying. If you are familiar to this situation, changes should be happening now.

You are a Person Worth Loving!

Start the day with deep breathes and channel the energy of being alive around you. Reflect on the premise that you are breathing, thinking and alive. If your brain begins making up negative things, spin that around and change it into something positive. Instead of thinking about those negative thoughts, start exercising and walking a few minutes. From time to time, people feel sad and lost but it should not be something to have on every day. Be kinder to yourself, give yourself some slack and remember, someone appreciates you.