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Physical Therapy Billing Software: A Guide

Successfully running a physical therapy practice entails manipulating many functional tasks and roles simultaneously. Whether you’re currently using in-house or outsourced billing, it’s possible that better solutions for YOU exist. From office upkeep to billing management and everything in between, keeping a steady focus on operational as well as treatment procedures. Let’s review a few considerations for outsourced billing.

This results in a further waste of your time and resources sending appeals and filling out more reports for reimbursement. However, there is a better alternative to the never-ending juggling act. This takes the hassle and headache off of your shoulders and allows you to focus more on treatments. However, you should ensure that whoever you hire must be very experienced, knows all the current ins and outs of state laws, billing codes and rules, and your rights as a provider.

If you tend to see a high turnover rate for your billing staff, you may want to consider outsourced billing. Users simply need to log in to the system to access patient information. No longer will staff members have to spin their wheels chasing down details. Outsourcing can be costly, so you need to weigh your pros and cons before going this route.

Ask potential billers specific questions about how they’ve caught claim errors and how they track every dime for their clients. This means that even your accounts receivable and payable will be automatically managed for you and your employees and can produce the quickest reimbursement time possible. This professional grade software can mean the difference between your making a profit or you have to close down your practice. Be sure you choose a partner who is completely transparent about how they’re handling your claims and ask whether or not they’re touching your revenue.

Other important questions to ask would be about the companies’ actual location. This directly translates into employees wasting valuable time with dual entry rather than focusing on patient needs and requirements. Have you considered finding a solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your current EMR software? Keep track of any denials or unpaid bills.

It also ensures a fit specifically personalized for your organization. Best of all, these physical therapy software packages consider all relevant HIPAA and other care industry requirements and have the necessary documentation already included in the system. Never again will your staff have to race around collecting data to show compliance. As easy as receiving charges, accessing information, working all of the claims within the clinic and payment, physical therapists looking for a quick and easy way to use outsourced billing to their advantage should consider integrated billing services.

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