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What the Mouth Can Tell About Your Health

Symptoms in your mouth could tell you more about some problems in your body even though your teeth look white and pearly. So that you know what the problem is, you could look out for some things in the mouth. First, if you have bleeding gums, it could be an indication of hormonal imbalance. Located in the gum tissue are some of the body’s hormonal receptors. During pregnancy, there are women whose hormones go haywire and you will find their gums bleeding. At menopause, there is also hormonal imbalances and there are women that will experience bleeding gums as well. Hormonal imbalances during the menstrual cycle will cause some women to bleed gums as well.

If you have a red mouth or fat tongue, it could mean that you are nutritionally deficient. If you lack B6, you will notice that the corner of the mouth is red. If your body is iron deficient, you will most likely experience a tongue that is shiny, red and beefy. If the tongue is pale red, it could mean that you are anemic. If you observe your tongue and see that it has a color that is not normal, it is advisable that you tell your dentist to examine you further. Cracked and crumbling teeth could be sign of stomach acid emitted when sleeping. Usually, people will conclude that since they grind their teeth, it is the cause of the cracking teeth but it is not so.

If you brush and floss on a regular basis but still have bad breath, this is a sign of issues in the stomach. If there is overgrowth of bacteria in your stomach, chances are that you will have bad breath. Kidney and liver problems might lead to one having musty breath as seen with diabetics. Grinding of teeth is experienced by people that have stress and you will find that their teeth are flat and worn out. Stress could also show from morning headaches and jaw pains.

Gluten intolerance and mineral deficiency could cause canker sores. Consult your doctor or dentist when you experience canker sores more than once within a short period of time. There is medication that will cause your mouth to over dry but diabetes also has the same symptom. Visit your dentist for evaluation if you are constantly thirsty. Gum disease and inflammation are indicators of heart problems. The reason for this is that the type of bacteria in the mouth could easily get into the blood caused by plaque. Getting rid of plaque means that you need to visit the dentist that will clean your mouth thoroughly. Cleaning the mouth will ensure that the rest of your body does not experience any inflammatory process.