Why are Travel LPN Jobs So Sought After?

Nurses (LPNs) play an important role in the health sector. An LPN is trained and licensed to assist and work with doctors and nurses. In the hectic world of medicine, an LPN helps to ensure that hospitals and private offices maintain high levels of effectiveness. The demand for LPNs in the US is up, while more than 700,000 LPNs are already in the labor market. In fact, travel LPN jobs have increased 10-fold.

LPNs have a wide variety of functions. In addition to supervising nursing assistants, an LPN is able to inject and provide oral medications. LPNs are often responsible for the patient’s preparation and any IV insertions, as well. They also play an important role in maintaining patient health in hospitals. An LPN is often the person taking a patient’s vital signs and drawing their blood. All these functions are very important as they allow doctors and nurses to perform their job correctly with the sound data provided by the LPN.

Several LPN counterparts exist in the medical field. A CNA is like an LPN in many aspects, although they can only perform so much within the laws of health care. However, in other countries like Canada, the CNA is the same thing as an American LPN. New Zealand and Australia have nurses, but the UK has registered nurses. All of these different types of licensed nurses are trained at the college level.

LPNs are very polite and knowledgeable. Each LPN must have a high school diploma, pass the requirements of the State Boards of Nursing and complete a practical nursing college program. While in nursing school, nursing assistants learn a variety of skills, measuring a patient’s heart rate, taking temperatures and blood pressures, performing a urinalysis and learning to help a patient deal with pain. LPNs also have responsibilities in maintaining records.

Becoming a licensed practical nurse is not for everyone. LPNs must be able to work long and grueling hours, often starting early in the morning. These professionals often deal with things that are “beneath” the realm of an RN but above the scope of an MA, CMA, NA or CNA. LPNs take advantage of helping those in need and are usually designed to help others.