Why Is There Such a Demand for Interim LPN Jobs?

The demand for interim LPN jobs is growing every year. Becoming an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) is both lucrative and rewarding. The LPN serves as an essential part of the health care system. Functions of LPNs include giving shots, taking vital signs, implementing diagnostic tests, observation of the patient, and medication administration (both orally and intravenously). LPNs can also help the patient eat, dress, and bath. These nurses are supervised by RNs (Registered Nurses) and physicians. Further training is required to specialize in areas such as pediatrics, surgery, and obstetrics.

Any person who is interested in becoming an LPN should start taking classes while they are in high school, those that are geared toward a career in health care. Courses like biology, chemistry, nutrition and health professions will help students succeed once they get into college. Potential applicants must have a high school diploma before entering a nursing program. They must also pass the National Licensed Practical Nurse Examination.

With the associated training requirements of an LPN, the student should also have non-technical skills, like a caring and friendly nature. LPNs must be emotionally strong because they have to deal with sick people, which tends to be stressful. Practical nurses need to be good communicators so they are able to discern exactly what the needs of their patients are. Following orders is also essential. LPNs will have to follow the orders of doctors, nurses, and other staff. A love for education is good to have; As a nurse, you are still learning.

One of the benefits of becoming a licensed practical nurse is fixed income. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average annual salary for an LPN in 2006 was $43,000+. Ten percent of LPNs earn an average of nearly $55,000 per year. Another advantage of becoming an LPN is that you will almost certainly be guaranteed a job once you complete your college education. The health care industry is growing at a rapid pace and has a great need for nursing assistants. Finding the right job for you might seem a little rough but it, like everything else in life, takes a little time.