Reviewing Eye Lift Surgeries And Procedures

Throughout the country, men and women seek cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance. These procedures enable them eliminate problem areas. These options can also reverse the signs of aging. Among the signs of aging are sagging skin around the eyes. The blepharoplasty surgery corrects this condition.

What is the Procedure?

The procedure is essentially an eye lift surgery. The surgeon trims off all sagging skin around and underneath the eyes. They also remove any fat that contributes to this condition. The patient is sedated during the surgery and pain medication is provided after the procedure has been completed. The procedure is completed for underneath or around the top of the eye in most cases. However, patients may choose to undergo both procedures at the same time.

How Long Does It Take?

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. The surgery itself takes about an hour to complete depending on which portion of the eye is treated. However, some patients may spend a longer duration in the recovery room based on their reaction to anesthesia.

What are the Associated Risks?

The complications associated with the procedure include bleeding and scarring. The patient is at risk for an infection as they are with all surgeries. An inability to close or open the eyes should be reported to their surgeon. Any double vision, visions loss, or abnormalities should also be reported promptly.

What Should Patients Expect After?

Following the procedure, the patient will apply cool compresses over the eye. The surgeon places a thin bandage over each incision. The patient must leave them in place for at least one week. During the first 48-hours the patient may experience some tenderness and swelling. The surgeon provides pain medication if the patient experiences higher than average discomfort. The patient should also refrain from strenuous physical activities until after they recover fully. However, light walking is recommended.

Throughout the country, cosmetic surgeons perform a variety of procedures to correct aesthetic hindrances. These procedures include eye lift procedures. The procedures erase the signs of aging and provide more youthful looking eyes. Patients who want to learn more about the procedures can contact their preferred surgeon and schedule a consultation.