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Important Facts Regarding Selling Diabetic Strips For Cash It’s the people with diabetes that will normally have their very own blood sugar test kit. The supply of strips that they have can turn out to be abandoned. This is because it is these strips that have a very short shelf life. It is when you will be selling these strips that you will be able to get a little cash from it and that is the option that you can have. It is crucial that the strips that you have are still unopened and at the same time unexpired for you to be able to sell them. It is when you will have tests strips that are still inside within their first labels that you will be able to make simple money from it. It is these unused strips that can be converted into cash the moment that you will send it. You must make sure that you will be sending the strips together with its packaging slips and also the name and address that you have and you will then get a check afterwards. The whole process of selling these strips can be very easy ad will not take much of your time. Since other people will be using these strips that you have sent, it is a must that you will make sure that they are not damaged in any way. You also have to know that any box that is damaged will not be approved. The moment that you will decide to have these boxes shipped back, then additional cost may incur.
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Within the next 180 days, it is a must that the test strips that you will send will not expire. Half of the total cost of the tests strips is what you will usually get when you will send strips that are about to expire. If the strips that you have sent will expire under 90 days, then they will not be paying you anything. You will be needing to have a minimum of five cases for you to send it. The prices that the test strips will have will also depend on the brand. It is when you will be selling the test strips that you can reduce these items in your home and at the same time make money from it.
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It would be normal for an individual to have an extra strip the moment that they will be regularly monitoring their blood sugar level. For you to be able to meet the minimum amount required for shipping, you can gather other tests strips that are not used by your friends, neighbors, and their family members. It is when you will gather profit from theses strips that you will be able to provide a pleasant meal for everyone that has participated. The things that you are not using can be used for something else and this is one of them.