Weekly Business Meetings in the Condo

Every Friday in my Treasure at Tampines Condo, my friends and I have a business meeting to discuss our strategies for the month. We all are part of a business that I started. The business sells computers that have been assembled by us for people per their request. I got the idea for this kind of business when I noticed that other people would love to have a computer that meets their needs, but they don’t have the knowledge to put it together themselves. They often see guides about how to do it, but they often get confused and just give up after only trying it for a few minutes. I learned how to assemble computers at a young age, so I have a lot of experience doing it.

I asked my friends if they wanted to get in the business with me, and they all agreed. We talk about various things at the meetings, like how to best advertise to potential customers, what to charge for our services, and what kinds of software should be included with the computers. Since people have different things that they want, if you asked any customer these questions, they would probably give you a different answer. This is why we have to be able to adjust for different scenarios.

Although our business is a young one, it caters to a market that pays well, and I think we can expand the business if our sales are good enough. As more people become interested in having computers with a little more than what a simple phone or slim laptop can do, I think we’ll be able to give a lot of people what they want and have them coming back for more while bringing other people with them. Not too bad for a simple condo business.